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  • Matt Kennedy-Good

Kāinga Ora lead way, with Neocrete

Steve Jobs said "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Kāinga Ora, Concretec and Stevenson Concrete are leading in sustainability, using low-carbon Neocrete panels for Bader Ventura, the ambitious pilot project in Mangere, Auckland.

The precast panels have 25% less cement and over 20% less embodied carbon - a reduction we can push much higher (we've reduced carbon in precast panels by over 40% in another recent project, for LT McGuinness and Latteys).

This shows we're closing in on the 30% carbon reduction-by-2030 goal set by Concrete NZ. (Right - Neocrete team watching Concretec pour low carbon Neocrete precast panels, with Stevenson Concrete).

With projects like this, Kāinga Ora is hoping to become a catalyst for industry-wide transformation, particularly in sustainability and innovation.

We are certainly hoping more Kiwi companies will take the lead and push the boundaries of traditional construction.

This single pilot project saved ~10 tons of carbon in concrete, the equivalent amount captured by 500 trees growing for one year.

Now imagine all projects in NZ using Neocrete?

(Above) Video shows Concretec pouring Neocrete low carbon concrete precast panels at Pokeno, with Stevenson Concrete.

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