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Reduce carbon, increase performance

Neocrete's additive activates cement and cementitious materials (including natural and industrial pozzolans), adding workability and durability to concrete, and strength at all ages. 

Neocrete's new generation additive will be available for pilot projects from May 2024. We are now accepting expressions of interest for commercial projects commencing in 2025.

Reduce cement and embodied carbon

Accelerate setting time and increase strength


Make concrete more durable and watertight

Improve self-healing of microcracks


Reduce cement content and carbon footprint

Neocrete's additive activator is added at just 2-4% of cementitious materials.


This enables a reduction of cement by up to 40% when used with natural pozzolans (volcanic ash) and 50% when used with industrial pozzolans - with no loss in strength at any age.

Our R&D programme is on track to create carbon neutral concrete by 2027, with no loss in strength and with greater durability than conventional concrete.

Neocrete precast panels at Latteys with 40% cement reduction, Levin 2022

Increase strength

Neocrete Activator accelerates the strength setting of concrete. Independent testing shows an increase in day 1 strength of 70-140% and significantly earlier achievement of 28 day strength. 

This is why D5 Green, our previous generation activator, was chosen for projects where developers needed to considerably decrease the period of construction or remove formworks early. 

The new generation additive activator, made in New Zealand, is more potent and efficient than previous generations, and achieves higher early and ultimate strength. 


Neocrete low carbon floor slab for eHaus, Nelson 2020

Make concrete more durable and watertight

Neocrete's additive creates concrete with a tighter microstructutre. This makes is watertight and resistant to seawater - critical in a world increasingly impacted by floods, rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change. 

Neocrete's previous generation activator D5 Green is BRANZ appraised for enhanced durability and water tightness. 

Scotts College foundations and slab, Wellington 2021

Improved self-healing microcracks

Neocrete, just like Roman concrete, self-heals microcracks.


If through cracks (up to 0.5mm) appear in Neocrete due to external impacts, and water enters these cracks, Neocrete will self-heal without human intervention. This property has been achieved in the lab, and small scale trials, but is yet to be independently assessed by a certifying body.

Precast concrete panels for City Rail Link, Concretec, Pokeno 2021

Safe Handling
Technical Documentation

As a cementitious powder or mixture, D5 may cause skin and eye irritation if not handled with care, may

be harmful if inhaled or swallowed.

As a precautionary measure, please use outdoors or in well-ventilated area, and wear personal protective equipment:

goggles, gloves and a respirator, ensure access to flowing water. 



Recommended dosage is 2%-3% of cement content (efficiency increases with dosage).


D5 GREEN should be added into a concrete mixer in dry form together with sand or cement and should  be thoroughly mixed for at least 30-60 seconds to ensure even distribution through the mixture. Note, that water content should be reduced by  15-20%, compared to concrete of the same target slump but with no admixtures. Trial mixes are recommended to establish the exact water content. 

Concrete Placement

To achieve the best results with D5 GREEN, the normal good practices for concrete placement and curing should be observed. 

Storage And Shelf Life

24 months in dry conditions in original factory packaging

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