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  • Zarina Bazoeva

New Zealand's lowest carbon concrete poured in Levin!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We're very excited to announce that working with Lattey, Higgins and LT McGuinness Neocrete has successfully poured New Zealand's lowest carbon concrete panels - with a massive 40% reduction in cement!

Huge thanks to the team involved (some pictured above)

  • Higgins Concrete: perfectly designed and mixed low carbon concrete

  • Lattey: beautifully placed and finished concrete

  • LT McGuinness: the client with the vision running the trials

It's amazing to see what the industry can achieve when working together! Two small panels for Lattey and LT McGuinness - one giant leap for the industry!

See video below of the beautifully smooth, low carbon concrete pumping :)


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