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  • Matt Kennedy-Good

Neocrete wins Climate Action Leader - Runner Up commendation

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Neocrete has won the Sustainable Business Network's Climate Action Leader, special commendation award.

This award was about leading and delivering impact and scale with climate action - either by reducing an organisation's own carbon footprint (including supply chain), or demonstrably helping others to do so, including through transformative innovation.

We're very proud of what we've accomplished in the short time we've been working to reduce the carbon in concrete - but we didn't expect to get a look in against such established and large competition - including DB Breweries, East by West Ferries, Lion, Carbon Click and McCain Foods (the winner - congrats!).

Big thanks to Sustainable Business Network for 20 years of amazing mahi and Waka Kotahi for sponsoring this award!

Zarina Bazoeva and Matt Kennedy-Good



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