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  • Matt Kennedy-Good

Global cement leaders meet to focus on carbon - and Neocrete

Updated: Jul 11

In July leaders from across the global cement and concrete industry met in Bangkok to focus on reducing carbon emissions from the world's most used product.

Zarina and I were there to present to leaders as part of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Innovandi Challenge. Neocrete was one of four startups chosen from across the world to partner with global industry.

In our conversations across three days with CEOs, CFOs, heads of sustainability was the genuine enthusiasm for new ideas and technology - and the impatience to make reductions.

For us it was a chance to get real insight into our customers' top priorities - and how we can best work with them. The message loud and clear was "make it easy for the industry". This means making it user-friendly with current industry practices, scalable and low-cost.

Happily, because of our close working relationships with industry partners around the world, this is what Neocrete has already been focusing on for the last 24 months.

Huge thanks to Devika, Claude and the team at GCCA for making this amazing opportunity possible!



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