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  • Matt Kennedy-Good

Neocrete wins Waka Kotahi innovation grant to decarbonise our roads

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Waka Kotahi has awarded Neocrete $240,000 from its innovation fund, Hoe ki angitū.

We're going to invest this funding in R&D to develop new high performing, low-carbon concrete to make our roads more durable and sustainable.

This funding will support the first steps in our R&D programme which aims to fully decarbonise Waka Kotahi concrete by 2028.

Our goal for this funding is to be able to offer Waka Kotahi high performing concrete with 40% less carbon than standard concrete, by the end of 2023.

This funding is part of a challenge that asked how we might reduce environmental impacts of transport infrastructure construction, operation, and maintenance activities through accelerating the use of recycled materials and sustainable practices?

Our R&D programme will comprise three rounds of lab trials and two rounds of scale trials. Our key partner in these trials is Higgins Concrete.

Huge thanks to the team at Waka Kotahi for initiating this challenge and believing in Neocrete. Big thanks also to Higgins Concrete for their support.



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